2016 Primary Prediction: Trump will Beat Cruz

Here is the story from April 2016 where we said Cruz was going to be eliminated and eventual results a month later – other “conservative” outlets had select opinions on Trump and TGP around this time…

    We Said

  1. IT’S OFFICIAL=> Ted Cruz Is Mathematically ELIMINATED from GOP Race – With Chart ("Cruz needs 677 delegates to reach 1,237 delegates. There are only 622 available. It’s over." TGP's Joe Hoft Predicts Trump Beating out Cruz in April of 2016. )

    They Said

  1. Ted Cruz's Wisconsin Win May Be The Beginning Of The End For Donald Trump (Ted Cruz’s definitive victory over Donald Trump in Wisconsin isn’t just about one day in the news cycle, or about “momentum.” Cruz has achieved something that a few weeks ago seemed impossible: he has made it more likely than not that Donald Trump will be defeated at the Republican National Convention. )
  2. 10 Signs You’ve Joined The Trump Cult -Ben Shapiro (In this article Mr. Shapiro called Trump a narcissistic authoritarian who cares nothing for conservatism. Ben Shapiro initially brought about an idea that because Trump believes "that there is a shadowy conspiracy to deprive them [The American People] of their livelihoods", that he is exhibiting "Unreasonable Fear About The Outside World." Mr. Shapiro goes on to say about TGP: "When Hoft asks, “When was the last time you saw HUNDREDS OF MIDDLE AGED PEOPLE Chase down a candidate’s caravan?,” the answer is: Barack Obama. Trump’s support looks like Obama’s: projection of hope onto a blank canvas, and belief that the canvas must be invested with as much power as humanly possible to break the political machine. Cult politics is dangerous stuff. It’s sad to watch it infect the right the same way it has infected the left.")


  1. WATCH: The Biggest Media Meltdowns to Trump's Win [2016]