Pennsylvania STOPS 2020 Vote Counting: Trump BLOWS 700,000 Vote Lead Days Later

Even DailyMail will report, Trump had an election night lead of 700,000.  Then the polls closed and “all the mail in ballots came in the following days.”

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  1. Democrat, Big Tech and Media Actions to Steal the Election – Here’s What’s Going on in Pennsylvania and Michigan (Last night President Trump was ahead in Pennsylvania and the election officials there decided to stop counting and go home. )
  2. Breaking: Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin WILL NOT Announce their Election Results Tonight — They’re Going for the Steal ("Wisconsin says there's no way they are announcing a winner tonight. Michigan needs until Friday. Pennsylvania isn't coming out anytime soon, either.")

    They Said

  1. Trump Still Leads in Pa. as Suburbs Finish Count, Philly Adds Votes (President Donald Trump's initial Election Night lead of more than 700,000 votes had shrunk to around 164,000 by Thursday morning. An estimated 50% of more than 2 million mail-in ballots were still uncounted as of Wednesday. A lead for Trump after in-person voting on Nov. 3 was expected after registered Democrats requested mail-in ballots by a 2-to-1 margin compared with registered Republicans. (does this MATH check out?) 700,000 vote deficit with a 2-1 mail in advantage would REQUIRE MORE THAN 1.4 MILLION BALLOTS. )


  1. Battleground states did not ‘stop counting’ votes on election night when Trump was ahead (Politifact admits right after: "Election officials in Fulton County, Ga., briefly paused counting ballots after a pipe burst at a facility in Atlanta." "briefly paused" vs. "stopped" what would we do without the Politifact Truth Warriors? The "brief pause" due to the pipe burst deserves further explanation as well...)