Early Reporting (August 2020) on Deaths with Covid vs Deaths from Covid

CDC reporting: “For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate.”  Note, the quote “for over 5% of these deaths” indicates that this number is not over 6%, or 10%, or 50% [of death certificates where COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned].  Otherwise, the scientists would have stated as such.  The CDC page goes on to report that there was an AVERAGE of 4 comorbidities stated in EVERY OTHER COVID-19 death certificate (between 94.001% and 94.999% of total count).  For reference, 52,127 individuals that had COVID-19 on their death certificate, were also diagnosed with malignant neoplasms (cancerous tumors). Moreover, the CDC admits that 23,669 individuals that had COVID-19 on their death certificate also had the comorbidity of “Intentional and unintentional injury, poisoning, and other adverse events”.  That is over 75,000 deaths included in the US COVID-19 death count, assuming cancerous tumors and intentional/unintentional injury or poisoning can be deemed independent from each other.

Defunding the Police Leads to More Crime

Definding the Police proved to be a deadly mistake.  Nobody will be held accountable for the spread of this ideology that had a direct impact on national security.  Aggravated assaults in America rose by an estimated 12.4 percent, while the murder rate increased by a staggering 29.4 percent—the single largest year-over-year increase on record

How MSM Initially Reported on Kyle Rittenhouse Story

Shortly after a riot in Kenosha, WI, mainstream media told the story of a “white boy with an AR-15” traveling across state lines to cause trouble at a “peaceful protest”.  What they failed to report on was that Mr. Rittenhouse was in every legal capacity (Jury found him not guilty on ALL charges) to defend his life and the city his dad lives in.  3 individuals, posing serious life risk to Kyle, were shot.  The two white men who died were shot only after attacking Kyle, or attempting to take the firearm out of his hands.  

Leftists want to Defund the Police but Keep their own Private Security

Much of the public was tricked into thinking that defunding the police was the key to stopping police brutality.  Perhaps the mainstream media had a hand in this one, sporting headlines that even read “Defunding the Police will Actually Make us Safer.”  Easy for a leftist member of government to say…they’ve got the resources to fund their own private security guards.