Lead Stories Misleading Fact Check: Texas Election ‘Poll Pads’ NOT Caught Adding Hundreds Of Voters In Real Time As Poll Is Being Closed

This Lead Stories “Fact Check” fails to include the poll worker perspective, only ES&S’s: “We believe the activity you are observing is normal.” Going on to say: “During the voting period, a qualified voter is accepted for voting at the e-pollbook and the transaction is recorded locally on the e-pollbook. The transaction is also uploaded to a central server hosted by ES&S through an encrypted connection.”  Per a TGP Report: “One of the poll workers at this location that we spoke with addressed this during our phone call.  They claim that their paper ledger matched their pollbook throughout the day.  Once the pollbook began adding votes on its own towards the end of the day, at 6:45pm CST, that is when it was out of balance with the hand-written ledger that the poll worker kept.  Another poll worker stated that this has never happened before and that they have done several elections to date, many on these exact poll books.”   If the communication via the internet between these pollbooks is vital so that one voter cannot vote twice, why are they so ‘delayed’, then?  Is there any specific evidence that can be released to show that these numbers are in fact, a delayed download, and not anything else?

MSM Publication: Lead Stories / November 14, 2022

The Gateway Pundit: LeadStories “Fact Check” on Poll Pads in Texas Adding Votes Debunked / November 15, 2022