Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter and Son-in-law took part as a Camera Crew on Jan 6th

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  1. IT WAS ALL STAGED! Pelosi Brought in Daughter, Camera Crew to US Capitol Before the Riot, Son-in-Law Was Set Up Outside to Film

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  1. Photo shows Pelosi’s son-in-law reporting on Capitol riot
  2. What do you know about what lawmakers were doing during the January 6th Capitol attack?
  3. " I’m gonna punch him [Trump] out and I’m gonna go to jail and I’m gonna be happy."


  1. Holy shit they're actually admitting it was all staged.
  2. Why Pelosi Said 'I've Been Waiting for This' on January 6 ("On January 6th, 2021, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had her daughter, Alexandra — who is (conveniently) a documentary filmmaker — following her around the U.S. Capitol (conveniently) with a camera as the day's events unfolded. The footage Alexandra captured was (also conveniently) obtained exclusively by CNN and aired this week. ")