NBC News Fearmongers about what a New Trump Administration Will Look Like

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  1. NBC News Reports ‘Deep State’ Plot to Facilitate a ‘Military Coup’ Against Trump Amidst Fear for Alleged ‘Retribution’ if Re-Elected

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  1. Fears grow that Trump will use the military in ‘dictatorial ways’ if he returns to the White House
  2. Donald Trump poses the biggest danger to the world in 2024
  3. Was America Safer Under Donald Trump Than Joe Biden? ("Crime Dropped in 2023" "Instances of violent crime, such as murders, increased during the COVID-19 pandemic at the end of the Trump administration. Since then, however, most violent crime has been on the decline.")


  1. Liz Truss: The world was safer under Trump
  2. Boris Johnson thinks the world was ‘safer and more stable’ under Donald Trump
  3. The FBI's new crime report is in, but it's incomplete (" It has just released the Crime in the Nation report for 2021. But the bureau switched the way it collects crime data this year, and many police departments did not get on board. Los Angeles and New York City did not report to the FBI. In fact, only 63% of the country's police departments submitted anything, and some of the data that was submitted was incomplete.")
  4. Bad data from the FBI mislead about crime ("In 2019, 89% of agencies covering 97% of the population submitted data, but by 2021, that coverage plummeted to less than 63% of departments overseeing just 65% of the population. Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City all failed to submit crime data. ")
  5. 4 Reasons We Should Worry About Missing Crime Data