New York and Chicago Mayors Sue Bus Companies for Bringing Illegal Immigrants to the Cities

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  1. New York Mayor Eric Adams Now Suing Bus Companies for Bringing Illegal Immigrants to the City
  2. Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Now Trying to Stop the Flow of Illegals Into the City by Suing Bus Companies

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  1. Eric Adams Twitter ("We should protect our immigrants." Period. Yes, New York City will remain a sanctuary city under an Adams administration. #EricOnNBC)


  1. NYC Mayor Adams Sues Bus Companies Transporting Illegal Aliens from Texas (“Today, we are taking legal action against 17 companies that have taken part in Texas Governor Abbott’s scheme to transport tens of thousands of migrants to New York City...")
  2. Mayor Adams Announces Suit Against Texas Charter Bus Companies Seeking $708 Million to Cover Costs of Caring for Migrants Transported to NYC
  3. Chicago mayor launches lawsuits against companies transporting 'rogue buses' of migrants to city