NY Times Claims Trump “Unleashed Global Chaos” Following 2017 Travel Ban

The NY Times came out with a post titled: “How Trump’s Rush to Enact an Immigration Ban Unleashed Global Chaos”. However DHS Secretary John Kelly stated in a press conference directly following the decision, “We knew it was coming. It wasn’t a surprise,”. The bashing of Trump’s lawful immigration policy continued despite support from major law enforcement branches throughout this country. For help, one can simply google (or DuckDuckGo) ” Secretary Kelly ‘We knew it was coming. It wasn’t a surprise,’ ” , try also, “immigrants deported from Martha’s Vineyard” to see how the mainstream spun 50 immigrants “relocated” from the wealthy town to a military base in September 2022. If Martha’s Vineyard didn’t want 50 illegals for 2 days, why does the rest of the US have to put up with over 5 million (just counting the total crossed from 2020-2022).

MSM Publication: NY Times / January 29, 2017