Politifact Misleads Readers with the Headline: Martha’s Vineyard “deported 50 illegals after only 24 hours.” (calling it FALSE)

Instead of admitting to the huge illegal immigration issue, instead of admitting that the 50 illegals sent to Martha’s Vineyard by Florida’s Ron DeSantis were less than 1% of the total that have crossed into the US, Politifact decided to become the language police and rate this statement false citing a handpicked definition of “deportation”: “Deportations occur when people are removed from the United States and sent back to their country of origin” the mockingbird fact checker dutifully wrote. However, another definition of “deport” is: To transport; to carry away; to exile; to send into banishment; to expel. Either way, 50 illegals were sent to an area with one of the highest concentrations of wealth this country has to offer, and they were “removed” just after 2 days.

MSM Publication: PolitiFact / September 16, 2022