Trump’s path to an electoral college victory was “nonexistent”

The Washington Post’s Stuart Rothenberg put out a piece in October 2016 that started out with: “The trajectory of the 2016 presidential race — which will result in a Hillary Clinton victory — remains largely unchanged from May…”. Going further on to say that it “is now impossible” to broaden his appeal, this piece could not have been further from the truth. This was proven both in 2016 and 4 years later in 2020 as Trump gained 12 million votes (from 2016) and become the largest receiver of the black vote by any republican candidate in US history. This article ends with the bold statement: “But the most important question is no longer whether Trump or Clinton will win but how large Clinton’s margin will be and whether she will have coattails.”

MSM Publication: Washington Post / November 18, 2016