Why Obama Admin. Cannot take Credit for Trump’s Economy

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  1. Here’s Why It’s Laughable for Obama and Liberal Media to Take Credit for Trump’s Economic Miracle

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  1. Fact check: How Trump's economy compares to Obama's


  1. Barack Obama's Sad Record on Economic Growth
  2. Economic Growth by President
  3. The Stock Market By President: Trump vs. Obama ("S&P 500 Obama: +48% Trump: +56% Dow Jones Industrial Average Obama: +43% Trump: +52% Nasdaq Obama: +76% Trump: +119% Those are some strong results under both presidents. But stocks were stronger after Trump was elected – particularly growth stocks, as reflected in the more than doubling of the Nasdaq.")
  4. National Data (Data from 2008-2020)
  5. BLS Data Viewer Permalink (Unemployment Rate (2008-2020) Obama Inherited 5% Unemployment rate, it got as high as 10%, left office (leaving Trump) with 4.7%. (0.3% drop in 8 years). Trump achieved as high as a 1.2% total drop in 4 years. )